Lesson prices

Expat Yoga Group subscription

Monthly subscription to Expat Yoga Group. The price is €36 and it is valid for 1 month. Please note that the subscription starts 1st of the month! If you’d like to start it in the middle of the month, contact Kaisa.


Tryout for Expat Yoga Group

This is a tryout lesson for Expat Yoga Group, the price is €10.


Single lesson for Expat Yoga Group

Single lesson for Expat Yoga Group. In case you cannot make it every week, you can join when you'd like with a one time payment. The price is €12,5.


Online video trial

When you activate the online video trial you can watch the online videos for free. The videos are available to watch for 30 days.


Expat Yoga August 2023

Subscription for the lessons on 22nd and 29th of August.


Additional information

Please read the disclaimer in advance to avoid any surprises. You can find it in your profile and in the footer of the website.

Payments can be done via bank transfer (European banks) or via IDEAL (Dutch banks). For more information about the in-person lesson payments, go to Information-page. Trial video package is available only once and cannot be paused or cancelled after claiming the access to the videos.