I am Kaisa, specialised in intentional breathing and yoga. These two combined have helped me with stress and burnout, and on daily basis to keep calm and focused. My mission is to help others to discover the power of their breath and how it empowers to feel more balanced and live happier life. When we are calm and focused, we are kinder to ourselves and those around us, make better decisions, are more creative, sleep better… essentially, we are the best versions of ourselves. You can join me on group lessons, one-to-one sessions or hire me for your company to educate how breathing helps to enhance your well-being.

Come and take a breath with me!


The lessons are open to everyone and your level of fitness will be accommodated. Inner Axis is not a sport, but a sustainable life practise designed to enhance your well-being.

Please subscribe in advance as space is limited. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise. For the times, please see the schedule. If the times do not fit you, but you would like know more about the possibilities to practise, let Kaisa know and she can take your wishes into account.

Lessons are every week, except on public holidays.



Kaisa offers also personal coaching and lessons for burnout prevention and recovery with breathing exercises and movement. If you would like to know if this is something for you, please contact her. We can set a complimentary 20 minute talk on how breath work can help you.



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Lesson Date Time
Inner Axis — breathing and yoga 26 August 18:30 – 19:45
Early Bird Yoga 31 August 08:15 – 09:30
Inner Axis — breathing and yoga 02 September 18:30 – 19:45
Early Bird Yoga 07 September 08:15 – 09:30

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