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Inner Axis yoga helps you to feel better in your mind and body. It is a breath-based system that incorporates deep and conscious breathing with yoga postures and movement, available to all levels of fitness. It creates a relaxed and calm state of being, while making your body stronger and more flexible.

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Inner Axis

Inner Axis method developed Max Strom enhances our connection with ourselves by using the simplest, but most powerful tool we have, our own breath. With worldwide epidemic of stress and sleep issues this practice offers tools for anyone to feel better and sleep better.

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I am Kaisa, a Finn living in Enschede, The Netherlands. Since moving to this country in 2013 I found yoga and it has become a big part of my life, one of my passions. My day job is at a university as a researcher to pursue a PhD and that can get quite challenging at times. Practicing yoga helps me to balance the body after long day sitting in the office, it helps me to stay focused, sleep better and calm the mind when life gets too busy.

Daily yoga practice and especially Inner Axis method, has helped me also to recover from burnout. In the spring of 2018 I graduated as Inner Axis yoga teacher (200h -RYT) from Max Strom’s yoga teacher training in Utrecht. My wish is to share this practice with anyone interested to feel better, sleep better or just simply move better in the world.


The Inner Axis yoga lessons are on Thursdays from 17:30 to 19:00 in studio of De Yogaruimte (Stichting de Melkweg). The lessons are taught in English.

Subscription in advance is required. View the schedule for all upcoming lessons.



A try-out lesson is 5 euros. You can take 2 try-out lessons.

After this you can choose to subscribe for a package of 5 lessons for 45 euros. You can also join for a single lesson when you like for 12€/lesson.

Would like to have more personal instruction or focus on something specific? Please contact me for more information about Personal Inner Axis class.



Stichting de Melkweg

G.J. van Heekstraat 408
7521 EN, Enschede



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Lesson Date Time
Lessons are on break in January, read more in description! 31 January 17:30 – 19:00

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