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Intentional breathing and yoga will help you to create focus, calm your mind, get strength in your body and flexibility in your movement. Would you like to know more? See the lessons offered by clicking the link below, send a message for questions or read more about private sessions or Kaisa’s story on the site.

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Inner Axis

Inner Axis method developed Max Strom enhances our connection with ourselves by using the simplest, but most powerful tool we have, our own breath. With worldwide epidemic of stress and sleep issues this practice offers tools for anyone to feel better and sleep better.

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I am Kaisa and specialised in intentional breathing and mindful movement. I offer breathing and yoga classes, private lessons and coaching to support your wellbeing, your life and work.

Since 2013, I live in Enschede after relocating from my home country Finland to pursue a career in science. This has given me a doctorate degree in chemistry, but has also led me to a path towards inner peace through yoga and breath work (200h-RYT). Since the first time I practised yoga I have felt calm, focused and at peace. After delving deeper into breath work and mindful movement I discovered that they are powerful ways to get in contact with our inner life. This journey has helped me to learn more about myself, has taught me self-respect, has given means to deal with my emotions and knowledge to heal my bodily aches.

The scientific career has provided me with information how the nature around us behaves, skills to be structured and analytical while the path of yoga has given me awareness, courage and grace to be compassionate and kind. The methods that I teach are field-tested and researched to support us in this time and age. My motivation to share breath work and yoga with you is to bring more peace, calm and focus in your mind, help to become aware of your inner power and feel at ease in your body.

I would love to get in contact with you and offer my support.

Take a breath.


The lessons are open to everyone and your level of fitness will be accommodated. Inner Axis is not a sport, but a sustainable life practise designed to enhance your well-being.

Please subscribe in advance as space is limited. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise. For the times, please see the schedule. If the times do not fit you, but you would like know more about the possibilities to practise, let Kaisa know and she can take your wishes into account.

Lessons are every week, except on public holidays.



First lesson is free. To attend weekly lessons, lesson packages are available (5 lessons or 10 lessons), please click the link below. For students discounts are available.

Kaisa offers also personal coaching and lessons for burnout prevention and recovery with breathing exercises and movement. If you would like to know if this is something for you, please contact her. We can set a complimentary 20 minute talk on how breath work can help you.



Enschede city center

De Klomp 120-102
7511DJ, Enschede



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Lesson Date Time
Inner Axis yoga 25 March 17:45 – 19:00
Movement Hour 29 March 16:00 – 17:00
Inner Axis yoga 01 April 17:45 – 19:00
Inner Axis yoga 03 April 18:00 – 19:30

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