Take a breath

Breathe to find calm, comfort and trust in yourself. Learn to connect with body through simple and effective movement. Improve your flexibility, balance and body awareness.


I am Kaisa and I am happy that you have found my website! If you are looking to be more relaxed, breathe better or improve your flexibility, strength and balance, I can help you.

I combine fact-based yoga movement, breath work, mobility training and mindfulness in my classes and coaching. My aim is to provide a calm and comfortable setting for you to move and connect with your body. You will learn to trust what your body needs, be more at ease and relax.

If you are interested to learn more or discuss if I would be a right fit for you, please contact me and we can have a chat.

Come and take a breath


Join one of my group lessons. You do not need any prior experience, options will be offered for everyone no matter their experience, flexibility or strength. Join us to breathe, move and relax!


Get to know me through the short video practises. There are 2 free video practises on this website you can use to practise with me. Follow the link and breathe, move and relax with me.

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