Group lessons

Below you will find information about the lessons given and also the terms and conditions that apply to bookings, reservations and payments.

In-person group lessons

The in-person group lessons that you pay directly to Kaisa Yoga or through this website follows the conditions mentioned on this page. Private and in-company lessons have other terms. Please also read the Disclaimer page to avoid any surprises. Lessons that are booked and payed via another organisation follow the terms and conditions of that organisation. Please check in advance with the particular organisation.

Conditions and terms related to attendance and payments


Lessons are paid in advance by bank transfer via the payment provider (iDeal, SEPA, credit cards, etc) or via a Tikkie-link. If you do not have a European bank account, or the payment options on the website do not work for you, contact Kaisa in advance for other options. Tryout classes can be paid in cash. Refunds are not issued.

Reserving a spot for a class

Book your spot in advance and confirm it with a payment. For Expat Yoga Group lessons confirmation via payment should be done by 15:00 of the day of the class. In case the lesson is fully booked and there are people on the waitlist the unpaid reservations will be opened after 15:00 for those on the waitlist. After payment of single or tryout lessons, you can cancel your attendance 2 hours before the class begins and use the single lesson or tryout payment for another class within 30 days.

Monthly subscription

Monthly subscription means you have automatically a spot for all the classes in that month. Monthly subscription starts 1st of the month. If you would like to start the subscription during an ongoing month, it is possible to add the remaining lessons to the next months package (a 9€/lesson). For example, starting the monthly subscription on April 15th. There are 2 lessons left in April, therefore, the package price will be 2*9€ + 36€ = 54€. This includes the 2 lessons in April and all the lessons in May.

Unused lessons with monthly subscription will not be refunded, transferred or credited to another month, to another person or changed to single lessons. In case of extenuating circumstances contact Kaisa.

Teacher absence

In case Kaisa is unable to give a lesson, an alternative teacher will give the lesson. If this is not possible the lesson is rescheduled or credited to the next month’s subscription. Single lessons in this case can be used for another lesson.

Choosing to book a class means that you accept these terms and conditions.

Video lessons

These lessons are recorded and can be streamed wherever you are whenever you would like to practise.

You can start with the free trial video that guides you through an introduction to Inner Axis. This trial video is available to watch for one week as many times as you would like. You can use this trial only one time. You do re-gain access to this video if you purchase another video. Then you can view it as long as you have the access to the payed video.

After the trial you can purchase different videos to practise. You can view for free an introduction of each video to determine if this is a practise for you. Also, a description of each video shows the type of practise, props needed and the duration of the practise. Each video is available for 30 days after purchase and when you purchase a video you re-gain access to the trial video as well.

Please read the disclaimer prior starting the practise to avoid any surprises. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me I am happy to help with any questions.


You can pay the videos by bank transfer (SEPA) or by Ideal (Dutch bank accounts). After payment, you will get access to the video. If you do not have an European bank account, contact me for other options. Payments are not refunded or transferred to another video.