Group lessons

The lessons are open to everyone and your level of fitness will be accommodated.

You can practise in-person, via Zoom and with the video lessons that are recorded practises. After registration, you can book your lesson. Please read the disclaimer and terms to avoid any surprises.

In-person group lessons

In-person lessons are at different locations and they will be booked and payed to the organising (yoga) studio. You will be directed from the schedule to the website of the organizing party. Different terms and conditions can apply, please always check in advance with the particular studio.


These are lessons offered via Zoom and you can join from where you are. The group size is kept small (max. 10 people) to ensure personal attention for those who would like to receive assistance via the screen. The after payment and subcription to the lesson the link will become available on the lesson's page. Please login to the lesson with the full name that you provided with registration. You may not record the lesson. If there are no subscriptions prior 1 hour to start off the class, it will be cancelled.

How to prepare?

You need an internet connection and a device that is suited for a video call. You can join via the link given and you do not need an account for Zoom. However, it is recommended to download Zoom in advance (it is free) to your devise and check your microphone. Also, preferably use a cable connection instead of Wifi, because it gives more reliable connection. If you would like to have the opportunity to get personal guidance via the screen, check also your camera and that you are visible on screen during the practise. This is optional, you can always have your camera off.

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise. Set up your practise space in advance, you will receive in advance a list of props that you can have with you. A minimum is a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks or thick books and a seat (mediation cushion/chair etc.). Mute your phone so that you can practise without disturbances. Arrive few minutes early to allow starting on time with a relaxed feeling. Please let me know prior the lesson or at the start of the lesson of any injuries or special conditions; you can do this via the chat function in Zoom if you would like to keep it private. I do not recommend to begin yoga via online lessons when pregnant.


Lessons are paid in advance by bank (SEPA/European banks) or by Ideal (Dutch bank accounts). If you do not have a European bank account, contact me in advance for other options. Refunds are not issued. The online lessons are by monthly subscription, one needs to renew the subscription each month to receive new links to the classes and recordings.

Video lessons

These lessons are recorded and can be streamed wherever you are whenever you would like to practise.

You can start with the free trial video that guides you through an introduction to Inner Axis. This trial video is available to watch for one week as many times as you would like. You can use this trial only one time. You do re-gain access to this video if you purchase another video. Then you can view it as long as you have the access to the payed video.

After the trial you can purchase different videos to practise. You can view for free an introduction of each video to determine if this is a practise for you. Also, a description of each video shows the type of practise, props needed and the duration of the practise. Each video is available for 30 days after purchase and when you purchase a video you re-gain access to the trial video as well.

Please read the disclaimer prior starting the practise to avoid any surprises. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me I am happy to help with any questions.


You can pay the videos by bank transfer (SEPA) or by Ideal (Dutch bank accounts). After payment, you will get access to the video. If you do not have an European bank account, contact me for other options. Payments are not refunded or transferred to another video.