Inner Axis course (2/5)

Introduction course to Inner Axis

You will learn the basics of this method that is based on breath work and yoga based movement. The course starts with getting to know how breath work and how we feel is connected, and how simple breathing technique and exercises can help to change that. You will also learn movements that target to release tension from the body caused by stress and sedentary lifestyle.

Lessons 1-3: Basics of Inner Axis breath work and yoga Lesson 4: Sleep improvement with Inner Axis Lesson 5: Transformation with breath work

This course is suitable for anyone struggling with stress-related issues wanting to learn simple techniques to empower themselves to feel better.

The course price is 60€. Payment and registration is via Yoga Atelier, please use the link on the page to get to their website.

I warmly welcome you to come and breath with me!

Name Inner Axis course (2/5)
Location Yoga Atelier
Staringstraat 180
7552 LC, Hengelo
Date Saturday 28 November 2020
Start time 09:30
End time 10:45

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